RRC Operator Number: 660958

Acquisition Strategy
Honesty and integrity are the core values of PetroVista Resources acquisition strategy; we seek to structure deals and transactions which benefit the mineral owner and our operating partners and associates. Our basic acquisition strategy revolves around obtaining strong and valuable acreage positions in new and developing plays that allow all parties involved to yield the maximum benefit from our superior technology and development techniques. PetroVista Resources acquisition interests include, but are not limited to:
Development Strategy

Key successes to our development strategy are our partnerships, superior technology, and techniques. Creating energy producing properties and maximizing the value from these producing properties are keys to any energy companies success. At PetroVista Resources, we stand committed to pursuing the maximum value from our acreage positions and interests holdings, ensuring mutual success and satisfaction for our partners and mineral owners. Land and mineral owner satisfaction is a key component in our long-term success; we design projects that minimize the surface impact and minimize traffic on our landowners’ properties. The safety of our people stands as a core value at PetroVista Resources, we believe that safety is a key component to the success of all of our exploration and development projects. We stand committed to ensuring safe and reliable drilling programs are implemented in our projects.

Video of Horizontal Frac Driling Technology

With the ever changing technology in the modern world, energy companies are forced to harness this technology into evolving drilling and operating procedures, at PetroVista we push the limits and use our extensive resources to make smart and reliable decisions, maximizing the value of our exploration and development projects.

Areas of Interest
At PetroVista Resources we have an extensive network of partners which allows us to cover a large area of interest. Headquartered in Midland Texas, we have a thorough presence in the Permian Basin and throughout Texas; however, our operations are far more extensive than just these regions. We seek areas of proven and newly developing plays which push the forefronts of exploration!